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Transform your idea into a successful venture.

  • Ideation: Develop your 9 key components business model.

  • Prototyping: Run 4-8 focus groups to fine-tune your prototype.

  • Go-to-market: Measure your Market fit and build a winning team.

With more than 40 ventures accelerated, Lionel developed a unique 9 components structure to pitch clients or investors.

A. Chakir.jpg

A. Chakir, MPI Director. OCP Group

"I am extremely satisfied with the strategic support provided by Lionel, and particularly his "bulldozer" way of getting impressive results quickly. Beyond that, the creativity and the innovation spirit he brought contributed a lot to our challenges. Last, the training sessions he delivered with great presentation skills were appreciated by everyone here".”

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Reaching a Deal

4 Questions To Validate Your Business Idea

9 key profiles for a great business team


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