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Business Leader

Triple the valuation of the company.

  • Strategy: Business intelligence missions for Product and Pricing strategy.

  • Corporate Innovation: New products Prototyping and go-to-market management.

  • Product Development: Features development and Partnership management.

  • Team building: Executives hiring process, full teams training and empowerment.

  • Growth Management: Performance system and tracking Dashboards development.

  • Business Development: Prospection materials conception and realization.

  • Clients Acquisition: Sales meetings, training and Pipeline management.

  • Delivery Process: Production, Sales and Delivery cycles constant optimization.

  • Productivity: Lean company re-organization & SCRUM methods implementation.

  • Marketing: Inbound and Outbound marketing development Plan and Execution.

Built over years, Lionel has developed a unique 100 weeks program to scale mid-size companies.

paul hagege.jpg

Paul Hagege, Chairman of CHD Expert

“Lionel is one of the most highly-achieved leaders and business
managers I have encountered in the past 30 years”



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SCRUM for maximum effectiveness

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5 Key metrics for corporate performances

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